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side image of design element of web page
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A web site may be the most important part of
you getting your message to your market.

Web Design may be as simple as a one page HTML layout to a complex dynamic interactive Flash website. A good site incorporates the ability to use many skills demonstrated within this site.
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Your project may require manual code creation using CSS, HTML, XTML, PHP, MySQL, and various other tools including Javascript or you may even wish to encorporate a "Wordpress" blog . What ever you need to accomplished with your design Eileen can make use of the tools available in the industry.
Skills Eileen has to assit you with your Website include many professional software programs such as: After Effects, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, and more.

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There is a lot to consider in developing your site for the Internet which may not be commonly known to many. Eileen can help you get started with the process effortlessly helping you to understand what needs to be done without any stress or need to know technicalities involved with the process.

With your internet site you can be sure that every possible consideration Eileen is aware of will be managed. This includes not only your desires with your site but things such as coming up with a site design, getting your site up on your server and on the Internet, to maintaining your new site or caring for an existing site.

Regardless of your need to have a complex site including many different aspects or a simple site with simple needs, Eileen is ready to help you. She will work with you to uncover your needs or work with you to meet your own expectations of what you know you want.

image of simple website designClick image to view an example of an exsiting site recoded in English.
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No matter if your site is about sharing information or selling your product or service, no matter if you need simple website updates or a brand new web site design, Eileen understands your internet site is about getting your message to your market and will work with you to help get this done.

Please feel free to contact Eileen through her contact about your Graphic Design and Multimedia needs or questions by clicking here.

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