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Video can enhance and add interest to any Web Site or Kiosk presentation.

Whether your needs include compiling a video for a presentation, editing a video or digitizing VHS, Eileen can assist you get to the job done.

Eileen has been working with video for a number of years now. With her training she can produce for you different types of video presentations from Adobe Flash video to enhance your multimedia presentation or even 3D clips.

You may have video clips which can enhance a piece of marketing material by adding interest to it for your market. Eileen can help you with editing the clips and incorporating them in to your project. With her experience she can aide by editing video to help you with a variety of different projects.

Your video needs may be simpler and Eileen can also help you here. Your projects may include Wedding Videos or any special event which need editing or putting together into one smooth presentation. Perhaps you may even wish to have your photographs preserved in a slide show which will play on a DVD, this too is easily accomplished.

Another aspect of marketing material is the Kiosk presentation. This is a piece of multimedia material such as a Microsoft Power Point Presentation which will run on a screen. Such material may be used at a Trade Show or in a Retail Store. Many also enjoy Kiosk presentations for personal events as well.

What ever your multimedia needs from VHS Video Digitizing to Adobe Flash, for what ever project, from a Kiosk Presentation to a Multimedia Web Site, Eileen will joyously help you put it together to work to fit you needs.

Please feel free to contact Eileen through her contact about your Graphic Design and Multimedia needs or questions by clicking here.

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